Valeriy Shturbabin

Executive Consultant Coach

The head coach of the national teams of Ukraine and Turkey. He is also the coach of the legendary Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan. Under Valeriy's guidance, she has won the Women's Epee Individual World Championship four times and has earned four Olympic medals.

2003 - Havana, Cuba World Championship - 3rd Place

2002/2011 - Head coach senior woman national team of Ukraine

2008/2011 - Head coach senior man national team of Ukraine

Oleh Shturbabin

Head Coach

One of the world’s top coaches, Former Ukrainian National Fencing Team Head Coach, multiple-time World Championships and European Championships medalist.

2013 - Zagreb Croatia European Championship - 3rd Place Teams

2010 - Leipzig Germany European Championship - 2nd Place Teams

2010 - Leipzig Germany European Championship - 3rd Place Individual

2006 -Turin Italy World Championship - 3rd Place Teams

2005 - Leipzig Germany World Championship - 3rd Individual

2003 - Havana, Cuba World Championship - 3rd Place

Coaching Achievements

2019 - World Championship, Budapest, Hungary (Olga Kharlan) - 1st Place

2019 - European Championship, Dusseldorf, Germany (Olga Kharlan) - 1st Place

2018 - European Championship, Novi Sad, Serbia (Team Ukraine) - 2nd Place Teams

2017 - World Championship, Leipzig, Germany (Olga Kharlan) - 1st Place

2016 - Olympic Games, Rio, Brazil (Team Ukraine) - 2nd Place Teams

2016 - Olympic Games, Rio, Brazil (Olga Kharlan) - 3rd Place

2016 - European Championship, Torun, Poland (Olga Kharlan) - 3rd Place

2016 - European Championship, Torun, Poland (Team Ukraine) - 3rd Place Teams

2015- European Championship, Montreux, Switzerland (Olena Voronina) - 3rd Place

Sean Chi

Senior Coach

Senior fencing sabre coach, former member of the Chinese Taipei National Team, had trained many youth national champions; fluent in English and Mandarin.

Represented Chinese Taipei In the following International fencing


2017 - Fencing Grand Prix (Seoul, Korea)

2016 - World Cup (Gyor, Hungary)

2016 - U23 Asian Fencing Championships (Tokyo, Japan)

2016 - European Fencing Circuit (Munich, Germany)

2012 - Junior Asian Fencing Championships

2011 - Junior Fencing Championships (Bangkok, Thailand)

2010 - World Championships (Paris, France)

Elliott Empereur

Senior Coach & Physical Trainer

French national team fitness coach, is also a very good saber player.

2022 - International Referee In Formation

2016 - University French Champion - Individual

2014/ 2018 - High Level Athlete on the Ministerial list

Physical Training Experience

2021 - Fencing Master at the Racing Club de France

Sabre section Specialist Trainer

2021 - Physical Trainer at Pole France June Releve Sabre Dame

-Cadet/ lunior Women Sabre French Team Physical Trainer

2020 - 2021 - Internship at INSEP

(National Institute of Sport and Performance)

- Sabre/ Foil Senior Team Physical Trainer

- Women Sabre Team Training Partner

2020 - Internship at Kristiansand Fencing Club

2018 - Internship at Circle d'Escrime Orleanais

Under Coach Raphael Dall'omo

2018 - 2019 - Internship at A.S.A Escrime

Under Coach Laurent Couderc

Nikita Nikitkin

Senior Coach

An experienced Sabre coach with a wealth of experience. Specializes in teaching athletes of all levels professional techniques, tactics, and physical training.

2008 - Best Sportsmen of Cherkassy city.

2008 - Junior European Championship 3rd.

2007 - Master of Sport of Ukraine.

Long Yu

Senior Coach

One of the co-founders of Axis Fencing. National Champion of China Fencing Championships, with a Master's degree from Beijing Sport University. Known for a warm and patient coaching style, providing expert guidance, and emphasizing the importance of building a strong foundation. Highly regarded and beloved by students and parents.

Beijing Sport University, Beijing China

2001/2009 - Captain and Assistant Saber Coach September

Beijing University, Beijing China

2010/2011 - Fencing Coach

Coaching Achievements

2003 - 5th Citv Games women's saberfencing-fourth

2004 - National Championship Series women'ssaber fencing-first

2005 - National Youth Championships women'ssaber fencing-second

2005 - National Youth Cup women's saberfencing training-first

2005 - Tenth National Games women's saberfencing-fifth

2007 - National Fencing Championship Seriesfirst station Women's saber-second

2007 - National Fencing Championship Seriesthird station Women's saber-first

Ko Jin

Head Coach

Renowned foil fencing mentor with Korea's Top-Grade Coach Certificate. Led China, Vietnam, and Korea teams. 9-year role with Korean cadet/junior teams.

Class 1 Korea's Top-Grade Fencing Coach Certificate.

4 years of head coaching China Jiangsu Provincial Team;

2 years of head coaching Vietnam National Team;

2 years of coaching the Korea National Team;

2 years Japan JET Program Sports International ExchangeFencing Coach;

9 years coach of the Korean cadet, junior national team.


Coaching Achievements

2013 Spain World Cup (men’s foil): SILVER (individual);

2013 Asian Game (men’s foil): GOLD (individual and team);

2014 Spain World Cup (men’s foil): BRONZE (individual);

2014 Italian Grand Prix (men’s foil): BRONZE (individual);

2014 German Bonn World Cup (men’s foil): SILVER (team);

2014 Incheon Asian Game (men’s foil): SILVER (individual),BRONZE (team);

2014 Tokyo World Cup (men’s foil): BRONZE (team);

2015 Malaysia Open Championships (men’s foil): GOLD(individual and team);

2016 Rio Olympic women’s foil: Top 32 (individual);

2017 Chinese National 13th Game man’s foil: BRONZE(individual), SILVER (team), and (woman’s foil): BRONZE (team);

2019 Pan American Championships (junior women foil): GOLD(individual), SILVER (team);

2019 Pan American Championships (women foil): SILVER(individual and team);

2019 FIE World Championships (cadet women foil): 5th (individual);

2020 Olympic Games (women foil): 13th (individual), 5th(team);

2021 FIE World Championships (cadet women foil): GOLD(individual);

2022 FIE World Championships (cadet women foil): GOLD(individual);

2023 Pan American Championships (women foil): GOLD, (team), BRONZE(individual).