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About Axis Fencing

Axis Fencing Club, as a professional fencing club, not only makes fencing performance our only goal, but also works to provide guidance for resilience development and cultural study. ”Strong physical and mental health” is every parent's wish for their children.

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Multinational Olympic Gold Medalist level
Valeriy Shturbabin
Executive Consultant Coach

The head coach of the national teams of Ukraine and Turkey. He is also the coach of the legendary Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan.

Oleh Shturbabin
Head Coach

One of the world’s top coaches, Former Ukrainian National Fencing Team Head Coach, multiple-time World Championships and European Championships medalist.

Sean Chi
Senior Coach

Senior fencing sabre coach, former member of the Chinese Taipei National Team, had trained many youth national champions; fluent in English and Mandarin.

Elliott Empereur
Senior Coach & Physical Trainer

Former French National Team Fitness Coach and Physical Trainer, French national champion.

Nikita Nikitkin
Senior Coach

An experienced Sabre coach with a wealth of experience. Specializes in teaching athletes of all levels professional techniques, tactics, and physical training.

Long Yu
Senior Coach

One of the co-founders of Axis Fencing. National Champion of China Fencing Championships, with a Master's degree from Beijing Sport University.

Ko Jin
Head Coach

Renowned foil fencing mentor with Korea's Top-Grade Coach Certificate. Led China, Vietnam, and Korea teams. 9-year role with Korean cadet/junior teams.



Axis provides courses for kids, teenagers and adults.

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Professional attitude to train outstanding students

Shihan’s family

Intermediate Class
After witnessing the improvement from our children, we were very moved. After officially joined Axis Fencing Club after the 2022 sprint break. In this big family all the coaches were very responsible, and treats every student with meticulous and patient training. As a result there is visible progress on the child. Thank you to Axis for providing us such a good environment and such high level coaches! Thank you to all the coaches for their tireless and detailed guidance on every movement, on every step! I hope that under the leadership of the club and the coaches, the children can continue to improve on their saber journey, step by step towards further heights!

Jeremy’s family

Intermediate Class
My son looks forward to training every time and tells us he how feels more and more stronger and confident. We like the way that Axis is always available to families, attentive to feedback, and to the overall experience of their members. Who wouldn’t want to go to Axis with all that positive energy floating around!

Andrew’s family

Competitive Class
My kid grew up from a little boy without knowing anything about fencing to a hard working fencer in Axis. A great club with world class coaches, good facilities, good management, positive and supportive atmosphere. My kid gained not only fencing skills here but also friendships and spirit of working hard to approach his goals. I am very happy with Axis fencing club.

Yvonne Rao

Axis Fencing Member
Amazing club and coaches! Super professional; very supportive; really positive environment! Highly recommend!

Doris Huang

Axis Fencing Member
This place is a great fencing club, all the teachers are nice and supportive. I would totally recommend this fencing club!!!!!

Chachoo Rodriguez

Axis Fencing Member
Great facility, multiple pistes and some high-quality coaches. Lovely atmosphere, and everyone was very welcoming.


Axis Fencing Member
Newly renovated fencing club with a great coach team! A good place to learn sabre.